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Creation of bespoke YouTube content that gets onto Page 1 - helping businesses become more visible online. When combined into ‘bundles’ of up to 50 videos, we can cover ALL possible search phrases and really make a marketing difference. Delivering ‘How To’ or ‘Q&A’ style videos can be shared on Social Media for greater exposure. Where video prices are mentioned, you’ll get 20% of the total annual income earned (Min of £232.80 per client + £59.80 per £299 video). If a customer ‘upgrades’ to a bespoke video for £997 - and you help with local videoing and local pictures etc.. then you get 80% of the uplift in value from £299 and £997 - an additional £558 per video (Making - £790.80 per client per video). Watch below video for an overview (NOTE: We re-branded over Christmas so DO go to our new web site to see the NEW videos as they are more up to date. The basic principles are the same!):   Adding a Chatbot to a customer’s Web site, Facebook Page and Online Ad campaign can dramatically improve their results (32 x) - We have Chatbot templates available for over 40 different industries with more being added all the time. Bespoke Chatbots can send SMS, email, do maths and even complete on-line sales without human intervention. The NEW version of e-commerce for 2020 is “conversational commerce”. The market is massive. Now watch this short video for an overview of Chatbots:


Paul Stewart Marketing Ltd is a specialist marketing agency that lets you combine the power of YouTube, Facebook & Google into a unique and compelling offering. Our services help businesses engage with new customers and make more sales. Almost all businesses will be interested in what we have to say - as our message is NEW and will make a refreshing change to what people have been pushing in the past 3-4 years. We did not offer SEO or Web site design until the 8th Jan 2020 when we took hold of a NEW Artificial Intelligence system (See video at the bottom of this page!). This system creates UNLIMITED web pages and uses AI to get them optimised thousands of times a day! PLUS you can earn an income SELLING this system too. What we NOW offer is different to anyone else and more importantly - it is experiencing EXPLOSIVE GROWTH. We want to work with people who can grasp this opportunity with both hands and make something of it for themselves. This page outlines what we do, how much it costs and what is in it for you. It will be an exciting addition to your existing business and we look forward to supporting you and getting you up and running soon! If you are worried that this will require too many ‘technical’ skills - please don’t be put off, as we do all the work behind the scenes. All you need to do is explain it, gather some information and let us work our magic. On the other hand - if you want to help out, you’ll earn a higher commission (as much as 80%).
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If you have watched the videos above, and have been to the new web site and watched all of the videos there too (, you’ll know that this opportunity is as big as you want to make it. Please visit our Facebook page ( and interact with Brobot! Try out the AI system and use it... Also - you can share the “Everything Explained in 5 Mins” video as this helps explain it to customers too. We’d appreciate you visiting the Facebook page and ‘liking’ and sharing it. Everything helps. From December 2019 the sites & are both now merged into The first thing you need to do is email us your contact details, so we can arrange to have an initial chat.  Alternatively you can dive right in and call me directly on my mobile - Paul Stewart 07786396722. We are happy to deliver workshops or Seminars to business owners in your area to help speed up your sales. If you have any questions, I’ll make sure they are answered for you. All the best for now, Paul Stewart.